The Blackcurrant White Lady

This is a beautiful summer take on a White Lady which puts a blackcurrant glut to good use. The syrup works just as well with frozen blackcurrants as fresh ones.

  • 50ml Hepple Gin
  • 25ml Blackcurrant Syrup
  • 20ml fresh lemon juice
  • 5ml egg white

To make the blackcurrant syrup:

  • Defrost 500g of frozen fruit over 500g of castor sugar in a pan.
  • Once it is defrosted pour over 500ml of boiling water and if possible add a small sprig of lemon verbena. Stir thoroughly to dissolve the sugar and then allow to cool.
  • Once cool pass through a fine sieve and then refrigerate.

To make the Blackcurrant White Lady:

  • First shake without ice to create a good froth with the egg white and then shake with lots of ice to chill.
  • Dry shake to froth, then shake with ice before fine straining into a small chilled cocktail glass.
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