We have been following the progress of the Hepple juniper all year. The purple berries (actually, to be pedantic they are cones) now taste of a spicy chocolate and we are making our first harvest.

We approach each bush with immeasurable love. By mimicking the action of cattle rubbing against the side of the bush, we encourage the old needles to drop, allowing air to circulate within the branches. This keeps the plant healthy. The movement of cattle may also help regeneration – the mature cones fall into the open ground scuffed by their hooves.

Here is Cairbry rather brilliantly mimicking the action of cattle.

We use umbrellas to catch the falling cones.

Caibry and Lucy then colour sort the purple and green cones. We believe that the crisp freshness that we find in the greens will be very important for the drink that we are going to create next year.

Flynn W