What an opportunity for Really Male work. Bums in the air lads.

The fresh Douglas fir smells extraordinary: a bit like grapefruit with a hint of melon. This is not so surprising given that the young shoots are filled with citric acid – the very same thing that is found in grapefruit. We will pass this through both the pot still and the Rotovap to compare the two distillates. For the moment though, Chris seems to have gone into a reverie in the woods as the needle-perfumed air holds him hostage.

The pricklish job of separating the needles from the woody twig takes happens back in the distillery while Chris gets back to the um.. more important business of producing tinctures from the Bog Myrtle. We are going to test using purely the needles in the rotovap and then compare it to a combination of the two. Thanks for your hard work Jo!

The spring Douglas needles can be used to make a deliciously zestful lemon tea. It transports you right back to the rich aromas of the Douglas plantation, lying on one’s back on the soft-sprung mattress of the forest floor.