All here bar, one. The comings and goings, trains, pick ups and departures makes the diary a brain bender and my head spin.

It would appear I’ve taken something personally again apart from a few sips and some notes.

It’s extraordinary how a drop of this or that can change or skew the direction. Regular breaks must be taken for steadying coffee and a chance for the palate and nose to re set.

Steve cracks on with our online and tech aspirations. Another language a far cry from the mossy stick and wet woods that is my currency.

No it’s my turn to drive’. “No its not,you drove last time’. Etc , etc, etc……GROW UP!

‘Haven’t you got more serious things to be getting on with Val?’ You can take the boy out of art school but you can’t take……. Really fun 10 minutes of total absorption.

Martini Safari.

At last! The whole Moorlander team. Nikes and walking boots North and South, busy bars and treacherous bogs.

At it. Probably the best lamb over charcoal I have ever cooked. Ground coriander and fennel seeds, lemon zest, smoked paprika. Douglas fir branchlets and incense like juniper wood added to charcoal mid to late end of cook.

At ease if not a bunch of wierdos.

Nothing is superior in colour or better by design than nature. The end to a great day.

NorthumberlandFlynn W