Mr Garden at the Douglas Fir again. This time, he means business – the needles from the spring were soft, interestingly aromatic, but not as good as those that were picked in the late summer last year. We have tested the needles through the vacuum still recently and right now, they produce exactly what we are after.  So, we are making a more concerted harvest from the Hepple woods.

Dr Chris O’Malley over today from Newcastle University’s Engineering discipline to check out our progress on the distillery.  The Doc agrees to accompany Chris G and Walter on a trip to the Douglases. “Who are the Douglases?” Chris asks, “and why do we need to take them an axe?”…….

Flies are pestilential. The only thing to do is wear the Douglas on your head. Getting a load of Douglas needles up your nose is a lot nicer than flies, at any rate.

The branches are moved to the distillery whole, before being dried, sorted and taken through the Vacuum still to make the Douglas tincture, ready for the final Gin.



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