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The strawberry-sweet scent of the Douglas Fir needles is one of the most important components to our gin and as the frosts are just around the corner we need to bring enough into the distillery to take us through winter – which could easily last until next May. Sales of Hepple Gin have started well, really well, and the big question from my compadres is simply – will we have enough? 

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Harvest, NorthumberlandFlynn W

Mr Garden at the Douglas Fir again. This time, he means business – the needles from the spring were soft, interestingly aromatic, but not as good as those that were picked in the late summer last year. We have tested the needles through the vacuum still recently and right now, they produce exactly what we are after.  So, we are making a more concerted harvest from the Hepple woods.

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Harvest, JuniperFlynn W

The fresh Douglas fir smells extraordinary: a bit like grapefruit with a hint of melon. This is not so surprising given that the young shoots are filled with citric acid – the very same thing that is found in grapefruit. We will pass this through both the pot still and the Rotovap to compare the two distillates. For the moment though, Chris seems to have gone into a reverie in the woods as the needle-perfumed air holds him hostage.

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