Hepple collaborates with Mulberry

mulberry (1).jpg

We are pleased to announce we're collaborating with iconic British fashion brand Mulberry.

Hepple is truly delighted to have been asked to work alongside Mulberry. On the simplest level, both companies have been inspired by nature - the Mulberry and the Juniper. Both trees are distinctive for their very individual, intriguing and pleasurable offerings. The ethos at the core of both our brands it to create things, whether it’s gin or fashion, with a deep care, love and to an exceptional standard and quality. The wild hills and moors around Hepple are a tough environment in which to live and work, let alone look elegant. Mulberry could not be more suited.

But if you are a city dweller we are offering a free signature Hepple Gin & Tonic to shoppers at Mulberry’s late night shopping events across the country. Don’t miss the special events late night shopping events on 7th December in their Bond Street Store and Edinburgh store and on 14th and 21st December further late night events at their Bond Street stores.

And follow us on social media for news of more announcements about the Hepple and Mulberry collaboration coming soon.