The Three Martini Lunch - Hepple at Hawksmoor

Three Martini Lunch.jpeg

Work for the Hepple team can sometimes be such a drag.  Take judging Hawksmoor Three Martini Lunch challenge for instance.  Six of some of the most talented bartenders in London from five of the renowned Hawksmoor’s sites, turning out their finest pre-prandial, prandial and post prandial Hepple martini creations.

Hawksmoor is in answer-finding mode.  These changing times, they feel, call for a revival of those long sprawling lunches from which emerged the great pronouncements in diplomacy, business and philosophy.  The Three Martini Lunch was a thing of epic proportions – just the thing to inspire a new generation of peace, law and dealmakers - and they turned to us to fire the boiler.

Hawksmoor Hepple Martini Competiton

Hawksmoor’s bar maestro Max Ostwald, MD Tim Gould, Val and Walter dutifully sat on the receiving side of the zinc and prepared to sip very, very lightly.  Six barmen, three serves to find, eighteen martinis to judge. Over the course of two hours a little army of fabulously crisp, deadly-delicious, pools of Hawksmoor-infused Hepple brightness emerged in various shades of perfection.

The judges tried to remain calm. Discussion was whispered, the reckoning, tight, the result, argued. But three sensational cocktails were found:

  • Walter Riddell (Hepple Gin, Cocchi Americano, Jurancon & Lavender)

  • Smoky Valentine (Hepple Gin, Lapsang Port, Noilly Prat & Rosemary)

  • Strangeways (Hepple Gin, Antica Formula, Prune & Cacao)

The Three Martini Lunch at Hawksmoor starts on Wednesday 1 March and will continue until 30 April.

The Three Martini Lunch will be available to order alongside Hawksmoor’s Express menu (£25 for 2 courses and £28 for 3 courses) as well as the regular a la carte menu. The martinis can also be sampled individually priced at £10 each.

To book a table, please visit Hawksmoor's website: