Meet our Team: Chris Garden, Head Distiller

We thought it would be fun to give you the chance to get to know our team properly. First to step into the breach is our Head Distiller, Chris Garden. We asked Chris a few questions about his role in the Hepple team and how he likes to drink his gin.


Name:  Chris Garden.

Role at Hepple:
Officially, I am the distiller but in practise I do everything from deliveries, harvesting the botanicals on my quad bike and most importantly quality control!

What did you do before Hepple? 
I was Head distiller for the wonderful Sipsmith gin distillery.

How did you get into gin/ distilling originally?  
My passion for all things alcoholic led me into a masters in brewing and distilling.

What brought you to the North East?
Small children and London life didn't mix! We moved back to the sunny North where my wife was born and raised.


What’s special to you about the Hepple Estate?
The wealth of botanicals that are growing on the Moor and the equipment we have in the distillery means that I can experiment with amazing flavours every day; it really is the distillers dream!

What’s your favourite way to drink Hepple?
After a hard day 'work' nothing beats a gin and tonic.  (Crystal hi-ball, lots of ice, 50ml Hepple, 150ml naturally light tonic, twist of lemon - BOOM!)

If you weren’t drinking gin what would you drink?
A flat white from Ouseburn Coffee Company in Newcastle sets me up for the day.

Where’s your favourite place to go out to eat and drink?
My current favourite is The Patricia, a restaurant that has recently opened near my house in Jesmond in Newcastle. It is dangerous having food that good on the doorstep though! 

What's your favourite song?
Shut up and dance by Walk the Moon is my girls' song of the moment and I love the Saturday night disco in our kitchen.

You have been pictured skinny dipping in a river with a martini glass. What were you up to?
Just an average day at Hepple!! 

Dorothy Parker said “I like to have a martini, two at the very most, three I’m under the table, four I’m under my host”.  What is the right number for you and where would you be after four?
You can probably never have too many, though I'm not scared of tables or hosts!

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