Meet our Team: Flynn Warren

Meet Flynn Warren, Hepple's Man in the South. Flynn not only spends time on the road visiting bars, restaurants and retailers in London and the South, but is also media content creator, web developer, bar builder and bar man.



Flynn Warren

Tell us about your role at Hepple?

I am Hepple's Southern Sales Manager. Along with managing accounts in London and the south, I am instrumental in organising Hepple events, tastings and festivals across the warmer parts of the country. However, being part of a small team means my role isn't one dimensional - I am also media content creator, web developer, bar builder, and barman

What did you do before Hepple?

I worked in a number of bars in London. I've also built sets for films and advertising and worked as a professional photographer. One of the craziest sets I created was an authentic butcher's shop, with fully plastered walls, but all contained within a football-pitched sized warehouse in West London. It was an ad for a Korean brand of sunglasses...the actors walked straight out of the shop into a desert of sand.

Have you had chance to use those set design & build skills at Hepple?

Yes! Last year the Goring Hotel asked us to build a bar inside a Northumbrian hill in their secluded garden in Belgravia.

My challenge was to take Hepple, the wildness and moorland spirit of Northumberland and seamlessly place it in the meticulously kept and wonderful garden of the Goring. We built a dry stone wall and planted heather and juniper to the roof.

The Hepple Gin bar, at The Goring. 

The Hepple Gin bar, at The Goring. 

How did you become part of the Hepple team?

I met Val at an event at London Design Week shortly before Hepple Gin hit the shelves. He gave me a taste of Hepple, I was stunned by the complex characters of the gin and started asking a thousand questions about how and who was making this holy elixir! A day later and I was meeting Val and Walter for breakfast to see how I could help them out with sales, everything and anything else.

What’s special to you about Hepple Gin?

The freshness from the copper pot is imperative. However it's not the most effective way to get the full flavour from fresh ingredients. I like how Hepple has used modern equipment to get the full breadth of flavour from our hand picked ingredients.

What’s your favourite way to drink Hepple?

I created a really rather tasty recipe that I don't mind sharing; it's a bit like a Gimlet with ginger and celery.

Mix: 50ml Hepple Gin, 20ml lime juice, 20ml ginger syrup (homemade) and dash of celery bitters. 

Build on the rocks in your favourite tumbler, garnish with a slither of ginger.

For the syrup: dice up fresh ginger and put it in a large jam jar with equal weight in sugar. Leave for 24h then strain.  

If you weren’t drinking gin what would you drink? 

IPA or whisky. 

Where’s your favourite place to eat and drink?

My current favourite bar is Nickel in Crouch End, great cocktails and wine and run by some amazing people. 

What’s your favourite music to listen to with a Hepple Gin?

Anything by Erykah Badu

Dorothy Parker said “I like to have a martini, two at the very most, three I’m under the table, four I’m under my host”.  What is the right number for you and where would you be after four?

I think two Martini's is enough, after four? Dancing probably . . .