Grayson Perry's: The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever!

Alan Measles balloons at the Grayson Perry at the Serpentine Galleries launch.

Alan Measles balloons at the Grayson Perry at the Serpentine Galleries launch.


Valentine Warner writes about Grayson Perry's: "The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever!" at the Serpentine Galleries until 10th September.

Five inflatable Alan Measles balloons are bumping against the ceiling of my bedroom, ushering 2 weeks of colourful dreams as they drift from cupboard to window and back. Alan Measles, if you're not aware, is Grayson Perry's beloved childhood Teddy bear.

Hepple Gin at the Serpentine Galleries

I have them as Hepple was fortunate enough to be serving drinks at a private view hosted by Mulberry at Serpentine Galleries: for Grayson Perry’s show: "The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever!" These inflatable semi-demonic versions of his beloved bear were to be taken by the guests but curiously not all of them took one. The inner child of Valentine Warner snatched five.


Rarely in life does one get to listen to people and realise the freedom of their acrobatic and truly original minds. Free in the sense that his thinking seemed to be released from the earthly thrashings most of us get tied up in. A prolific artist a visceral and funny speaker the evening was a joy. What is more, he is not an artist who is required to verbally explain his work as its grabs you so strongly with on its own . . . or me anyway.

Monsters, rainbows, effigies, tapestries the show is nothing short of a treat that I would urge all to go to. I’m only sorry you won’t be handed a Hepple Blackcurrant Gin & Tonic.

Hepple Gin & Tonic

 Grayson Perry: The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever! is a major exhibition of new work and runs at Serpentine Galleries in London until the 10th September.

The Grayson Perry exhibition is sponsored by Mulberry who say Perry's work echoes with their brand as "intrinsically British and a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and techniques with a modern point." This reflection on Perry’s work resonates with us at Hepple too and we were happy to serve cocktails at the private view.