The Sill - National Landscape Discovery Centre


This summer sees the opening of a world-class visitors centre beside Hadrian's Wall near Corbridge.

A partnership, between our friends at Northumberland National Park and YHA England and Wales. The Sill is a modern and gentle building that sits comfortably within the landscape and is very much aligned with our approach at Hepple. The Sill is a celebration of the importance of landscape in understanding who we are, and a reminder of how important it is to care for our landscape and environment. 

We work closely with Northumberland National Park on our Juniper conservation project and are pleased to support The Sill, by planting juniper in planters around the site. It also seems fitting that cocktails, made with our gin distilled in one of the wildest parts of the National Park, will be served at the opening of the Sill at the end of July.

We are thrilled that we can play just a small part in this amazing and hugely progressive building that will bring tourism, schoolchildren and businesses into one of the most important cultural parts of the National Park.

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