Gin Is On: Five Star Review


We are delighted to have received a Double Gold, 5 Star review from The Gin is In,  created by Aaron Knoll, a gin historian and critic.

The review absolutely gets to the essence of what we are trying to achieve with Hepple:

"It’s one of the best Martinis I’ve tasted in some time as well. I did a 5:1 ratio, garnished with a twist. And I love the way the juniper is the star; while the twist adds just enough lightness to bring it out of the gin"

The review concludes:

"If you’re in search of a new classic gin, Hepple Gin is it. It’s well designed, with an exquisite flavor. It hearkens back to the “classic style” with decidedly “contemporary technology.”The Highest Recommendation. Absolutely stunning."

You can read the detailed review here with full tasting notes and flavour profile here: >

With many thanks to Aaron for his review.

Polly Robinson