Meet our team: Sophie Jobling


Meet the newest member of our team, Sophie Jobling.  Sophie joined Hepple earlier this year to look after all our customers and events in the North of England. She's born and bred in the North East and here she tells us a bit more about herself.

What's your role at Hepple?

My role is to manage customers and sales in the North. I spend a lot of my time in our Northern cities planning events, working with bars and restaurants on their cocktail menus and spreading the word of Hepple far and wide. You may also find me making a cocktail or two behind the Hepple bar at various events and festivals across the country, such as the Good Life Experience that has just taken place in Wales.  

What did you do before Hepple?

Before Hepple I worked as a Business Development Manager in the Wine Industry, creating wine lists for a variety of bars and restaurants across the North. I have not always lived in the North East however and part of my travels were spent teaching English to a group of 60 year old Spanish Engineers in Andalusia.  

What’s special to you about the Hepple gin?

Being from the North, I was very keen to taste the gin as soon as it launched and I became obsessed with its fresh flavour and rich texture as soon as I got my hands on a bottle. After meeting Chris as an event I was lucky enough to be invited to the distillery and I was blown away by the science lab-eqsue distillery nestled in the Moorland. 

I really enjoy introducing new people to the gin and watching their faces light up as they take their first sip. 

What’s your favourite way to drink Hepple?

I love the taste that Hepple gives to a Negroni, following Nicks recipe of course! Although I am partial to a G&T now and then. 

One of my fondest memories has to be a blackcurrant white lady on the lawn at Hepple on a hot sunny day. 

If you weren’t drinking gin, what would you drink?

A rich and nutty Sherry or a good bottle of Cava. 

Where’s your favourite place to drink and eat?

There are currently too many to list! At the moment I’m enjoying cooking for friends and family in my new home. 

Dorothy Parker said “I like to have a martini, two at the very most, three I’m under the table, four I’m under my host”.  What is the right number for you and where would you be after four?

I like one small and very cold Martini to start an evening. Four, I’d be on the floor!

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