An ambitious juniper restoration process is at the heart of what we do…


It takes more than sixteen years for the female juniper to reach maturity and produce the green berry used in our Triple Technique. Fortuitously for us, a generation of young bushes planted over the 1990s is now moving to maturity and will help contribute to the harvest over the next decade.

But with a constant eye on the future and giving back to the Moorland, and under the watchful eye of Co-Founder Walter - Keeper of the Juniper- we are engaged in the most ambitious juniper restoration and propagation projects in the UK.


“A visit to Hepple Estate at any time of the year restores my soul. What I particularly love about going there is the genuine desire of those who own and work at Hepple to make their livelihoods in harmony with this amazing place. They recognise just how special Hepple is and are willing to share knowledge and ideas, and work with others to conserve and enhance it. Their enthusiasm and energy is generating innovative new dimensions to the management of Hepple Estate to safeguard its future. The development of Hepple Gin linked to the juniper conservation project is a brilliant example of this.”
Seedling planting.jpg

As well as promoting the healthy growth of the current, significant population of junipers at Hepple we have started a successful propagation programme from the estate’s native juniper seed.


In collaboration with the Northumberland National Park, Newcastle University and Hepple Whitefield Farm, we’ve begun a rejuvenation programme that aims to plant out at least two hundred of juniper seedlings each year, all grown from the estate’s own seed. The new permission from Natural England allows planting into the highly protected SSSI on the heather moors around the distillery, adding to the older stands already there.